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About Us


Forests are the most efficient and cost-effective resources to capture and reduce atmospheric carbon.

CO2OFFSET is the new revolution on climate change. It’s a SaaS solution that automatically measures the carbon captured in forests in a cheap, fast and reliable way. This helps to grow and maintain forests by rewarding landowners for their protection, in a quick, no cost and scalable way.


CO2OFFSET uses satellite images, AI and unique technology to measure the amount of CO2 that is captured in each ha of land


Carbon credits and smart contracts will be generated between the forest owner and organizations (buyers)


Landowners are compensated over a period of 10 years to maintain their forest

How We Do It

Digital Twin Forest Modeling

CO2offset combines remote sensing satellite and LiDAR imaging with on field samples to produce high-quality Digital Twin Forest Models for all species

CO2 Measuring

We use our proprietary methodology (third-party verified), algorithms and deep statistical analysis to measure with low uncertainty, high accuracy and precision the CO2 stock in the soil and trees


Our unique technology allows us to cover large areas very quickly with 10m2 optical resolution.

Offset Smart Contract Security

The generated carbon stock is converted in smart contracts between the forest owner and the buyer, using blockchain ledger, ensuring transparency and security to each transaction, and enabling carbon credit open auditing

Our Team

Meet the people behind CO2OFFSET

Rui Lopes

Rui Lopes

Chief Executive Officer

Rui Maia

Rui Maia

Chief Financial Officer

Pedro Cipriano

Pedro Cipriano

Chief Technology Officer

Sérgio Lorga

Sérgio Lorga

Business Specialist

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If you own forest land and are interested in acquiring an additional source of income or want to purchase carbon credits, contact us for further information

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